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Depressed woman need counselling about mental and business growth from juanita pettaway


LIFEWORTHY can help you process your thoughts & feelings or find your way into personal healing

Reduce Anxiety & Depression on your own at Home

Our Services

Mental Health & Business Therapy TIPS on living LIFEWORTHYway a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle Self-Empowerment Tips on Social Media Scripture Support

Business coaching to help your entrepreneurship
Events of our mental therapy, christian and biblical counseling
Worksheet of business coaching


Learn about YOURSELF & BOUNDARIES for others Decrease Anxiety & Depression NATURALLY Cognitive Behavior Therapy Holistic Approach

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Tele Health Services

HIPPA-compliant convenient sessions from the comfort of your home. Servicing Ohio & North Carolina Residents with Culturally competent therapy services.

Get help navigating the transition into ADULTHOOD. Get help struggling with transitioning in your CAREER. Get helpAbalancing FAMILY and work stress. Get help with healthy COPING SKILLS.

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LifeWorthy Way

CAPTIVATING Mind, Body and Soul Encouragement for Healthy Living. Mental Health Therapy & Business Therapy

Until We Meet Follow LIFEWORTHYway on Instagram and Fackbook for Healthy TIPS on living Worthy of Yourself and Your calling.

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