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Grow Your Vision while Growing Yourself

You're a business owner..


and stuck with managing and finding your own strategy for life.

A therapist can help.

  • Increase Confidence 

  • Separate Self Worth from Business Income

  • Life-Work Balance

  • Process Business Ideas in a Confidential (HIPPA) space

Happy Enterprenure

Benefits of Business Owner Therapy

Our Business Therapy Counselling

Research Shows that Business Owners have higher levels of Anxiety, Depression than traditional employees

Let's Do Our Best to Avoid this by...

  • Agreeing to Talk Weekly

  • Separate Self Worth from Business Income

  • Focus on Trust vs. Risk

  • Process Past Broken Employment Relationships

  • Create a Personalized Mental Health Business Plan

Business coaching place
“Join me on the Green Couch and talk about the Green on your mind.”

Juanita Pettaway, LISW, LCSW

Business Therapy Services

Due to Licensing Laws of LISW (OH) & LCSW (NC), the client must be in the state of Ohio or North Carolina to receive these services. If the client is outside of these states a Provider Gap Exception Form will be requested if the client does not have a Business therapist in their state and state the reason for the request.

*Business Therapy is billed at an affordable private rate ($180/hr), and insurance will not be used due to the topics of:

 1. Business operations

2. Accountability

3. Staff Concerns

4. Products & Services Offered

            that may occur in the sessions which are not medically necessary but business specific.

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