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Payment Methods

1. Cash App Instructions: 

In the "For: Add a Note" Enter the first four letters of your last name and the date "3/15 Series" 

EX: PETT 3/15 Series

2. Stripe  

Found on last page of Registration Document

Customer Care

Customer Service and HIPPA complaint measures will be followed for all purchases, events and sessions. 

If you have concerns please share them with the staff. Unfortunately, no reimbursements are given once service time has begun. Accommodations will be made to the best ability. 

Privacy & Safety

Personal data gathered will only be used for the service provided and will be stored online in HIPPA-compliant software. None of your personal demograghics, banking or payment informaiton will be shared with third-parties. 


Privacy in the field of mental health therapy is of upmost imporance for the theraputic relationship to work!

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