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 LIFEWORTHY can help you process your thoughts & feelings or find your way into personal healing.

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Get help navigating the transition into ADULTHOOD.


Get help struggling with transitioning in your CAREER.


Get help balancing FAMILY and work stress.


Get help with healthy COPING SKILLS. 


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My name is Juanita Pettaway

I received my Social Work Graduate Degree at the University of Toledo and immediately went into non-profit management, Co-founding the Believe Center, a family and youth sports non-profit organization. Then became Executive Director, at age 27, of the Sofia Quintero Art & Cultural Center and an educator at Bowling Green State University before age 30. I then expanded the use of my social work degree and began working as a Clinical Mental Health Therapist, first with youth, then with adults, and into management. In 2020 my family and I began three for-profit businesses, including my private therapy practice called LIFEWORTHY- specializing in holistic treatment for depression and anxiety and Christian Counseling. My non-profit management and for-profit work skills have led me to identify and focus on the need for Business Owner and Entrepreneur therapy. I recently launched BUSINESS|WORTHY to assist individuals in separating their self-worth and stressors from that of their company.

               I recently finished “Bringing the Couch to the Community,” 6-week workshop series aiding and educating adults on emotional wellness. At this time I plan to continue working part-time as a clinician to dedicate time to educate the community on therapeutic techniques and methods they would typically only learn in session, as well as continue working on my book “The Self-Empowerment Pantry.”

I encourage you to look at each tab on the website because they can have pieces of information of

self-empowerment moments in your life. 


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